Coffee or Tea? Which is Better for the Creative Process

Coffee or tea which is better for increased levels of creativity

There has been some recent research that's been done in terms of how what we drink affects our levels of creativity and generation of new ideas. 

Now, when we talk about creativity we often talk about the creative process and and there's five stages of the creative process I won't go back through those just now you can look at one of my previous blog posts but what they found is that high levels of caffeine is very very effective at the first stage and the last stage of the creative process.

The first stage is the preparation stage...this is where you're often just kind of getting your head into the research.. researching away and absorbing as much information as possible.

The last stage is the elaboration stage.. where you're testing these assumptions and testing ideas.

But there's this middle stage that is very very important in the creative processes where we have our insights and new ideas... where these "light bulb" moments come to us.

Research found is that creativity and coming up with ideas at third stage are much less likely if you're taking high levels of caffeine, so you might be wanting to drink water or tea if you in the middle stage.


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