• Your Design Firm - The quickest way to get started

    The business of running a firm is not something that is taught in school. Avoid mistakes and slide a springboard under your feet to be successful on your own from DAY 1 !!
  • Goldfish and Meeting Deadlines

    There's a lot to do and little time to do it when meeting presentation deadlines. There's nothing worse than having great ideas but nothing (or not enough) to pin up on presentation day.
  • Can Walking Improve Creativity?

    From Aristotle to Charles Darwin, to Silicon Valley heroes like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who have sworn by walking meetings, a shockingly high percentage of great minds loved to wander.
  • Caffeine and Creativity: Why Architects, Industrial Designers and Artisits Love Coffee

    Along with black clothes, round glasses and a perpetual lack of sleep, it is one of the profession’s greatest clichés: All architects love coffee.

    Let's examine our collective love (or should that be addiction?) of this ubiquitous caffeinated beverage, one that currently sits beside countless drawing boards and laptops around the world.

    The question is, why are architects so partial to coffee?

  • Top 3 Tricks to Get It All Done for Presentation Day.

    PROMODORO TECHNIQUE Here's a technique from the book:  The Pomodoro Technique: The Acclaimed Time-Management System That Has Transformed How We W...
  • Studio Life is Architect Life

    In a lot of ways Studio is like working in a design firm. Aside from the coffee makers and reams of trace, there are things you are learning in Studio that will prepare you for the after-studio-life.
  • Model Making Tips That Save Money

    Guitar Strings??  These are nice to have in your model making toolbox and range in different wire gauges.  Guitar string is a lot less expensive  than going to the model store and buying their strip wire or piano wire.  Use guitar string for representing swinging doors, or bend it to represent circulation paths, stairways or handrails.