Studio Life is Architect Life

Studio Life is Architect Life

Welcome to Studio…filled with cardboard, trace and Ad Markers.  For a design students, this place is home, complete with a hot pot, coffee maker and a permanent display of empty CritGrit Coffee bags adorning the walls.



In a lot of ways Studio is like working in a design firm. Aside from the coffee makers and reams of trace, there are things you are learning in Studio that will prepare you for the after-studio-life.

I was a student once where Studio was my life. Now that I own and run a successful retail design firm, I wanted to share with you a few similarities between Studio and working in a design firm.

Projects they don't linger for very long, especially when you have to make your presentation… there's a flurry of design activity and then a frantic race to produce for your presentation…and then just like that it's over and before you get a chance to relax, it's time start the process again for the next project

There's a lot to do and little time to do it when meeting presentation deadlines. There's nothing worse than having great ideas but nothing (or not enough) to pin up. I've written about this in the past (Check out my article on organizing to meet deadlines)

So prioritizing and doing high value tasks first is critical in staying organized. In addition, we here at the office, impose our own internal deadlines well in advance of our client deadlines.
This may seem counter intuitive, but the compressed timeline make us work faster and more efficiently and helps give us some time for an internal review and  a few design tweaks before we pin up.
To stop designing or improving upon your idea, is a hard thing to do for a design student. I know I fought myself always feeling like I could do something better
So knowing when to stop designing and start producing is critical. In business, if you don't deliver your product, you don't get paid. In Studio, you don't get that grade.

There are a lot of team or group projects in studio. And of course there is always that student that just doesn't seem to pull their weight. The slacker…the "square wheel" that constantly needs to be pushed to keep moving.

When you are in an office setting, you're bound to be teamed with a square wheel, whether it's your structural or mechanical consultant or even you internal team member  These team projects will teach you how to manage. Managing people and projects are going to be an everyday task when you graduate. Hone those skills now!

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